Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Good And Beautiful Life

I've mentioned on my previous post that I did participate on a survey from OMF Lit. about my preference on reading books whether I would still go for traditional or through the aid of an ebook reader. I forgot that participating on this survey would qualify you to an electronic raffle draw for a free book and this morning when I opened my email, I received the newsletter from OMF Lit from which I subscribed a couple of months ago and I saw that they have already announced the winners for the digital raffle. As I browsed through the list, I saw that I was one of the lucky winners. I will be getting this book, "The Good And Beautiful Life" by James Bryan Smith. Whaaa...I feel overjoyed coz this book is a "good read". It's priced at $12.04 from Amazon and as I browsed through the table of contents from the book preview at Amazon, I saw some interesting chapters and I feel excited to read the book. But...they will send it to my house in the Philippines so I wouldn't be getting it at this time. But never mind, I might be home soon so I will be able to bring the book back here. In fact this is going to be the 4th book that I got from the same sponsor. I haven't read any of those yet as those books were all delivered to my house in the Philippines. Well...good for me, I would be having several books to read when I come back from my vacation.

Thank you OMF Lit!



  1. Wow! Free books from your sponsor! Kakainggit naman. :D Sa title pa lang ng libro, interesting na :) I also love reading books like this. :) Inspiring.

  2. Hi Algene! Oo nga eh... lucky coz I don't need to purchase books. Medyo expensive din kasi yung ibang books. Muka ngang maganda tong book na ito and I'm looking forward to read this soon.

    Thanks for being here, dear! :)

  3. Wow! Ang saya naman nyan. I also love reading inspirational books...

    Share mo na lang after reading it! Congrats!

  4. Thank you Rovie! It's really nice to read inspirational books. Napansin ko...ang aga mo ata lagi nag iikot! Hahaha. Ang aga mo naman gumising Rovs!

    Thanks dear!

  5. WOW!!! I remember a Christmas when I was given a book as a gift by a friend..
    Sobra sobra daw kasi ako mg basa.
    She didn't know it, but among all the gifts I got that year, yun ang pinaka na appreciate ko.
    Sometimes its the thought that counts on how a gift was provided.

    Hope you'll have a good read with this one!

  6. wow ... book for free.. i'm sure ma enjoy ko rin yan kasi inspirational .. congrats

  7. lucky you! congrats krizza
    pahiram ha...

  8. @ Simurgh, so, book lover ka din pala Simurgh? That's good! Kala ko sa "photo shooting" ka lang mahilig eh. Yes, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy reading this book, Thanks.

  9. @ Reese, Mona and Mika - Thank you girls!

  10. @Krizza - I improved my English because I read a lot.. siguro part na rin yun na masscom ang degree na natapos ko. enjoy reading!!! ;)

  11. congrats, krizza! cheers to all the booklovers in the world :)


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