Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting Your Kids To Read Books

It is a good thing to instill in young minds the habit of reading books. But how to get them engaged in "book reading" is where the challenge is.

The following are my simple tips:

1.) First and foremost, you must buy the books! How would they be attracted reading books if you only have few books available at home.

2.) Second, treat your books with respect and great importance, put them on display on attractive book shelves which are accessible to your visitors as well. This way, you can attract your children and their friends to browse on the books and have fun reading together.

3.) Make "reading time" a "bonding time" for the whole family and a week end activity. Assigned a story teller for each week end and let him/her share the stories with all the members of the family.

4.) Invite your children's friends for a "book reading" activity at your home. Prepare them a good snack and engage them in a "sharing session" where they can share the stories that they have read. This will let them know several stories at one time.

5.) Give books as gifts. Choose those books which you may think your child would be interested to. They will definitely be delighted to get their favorite book as a gift.

6.) Create an attractive "reading nook" at home where each member of the family can comfortably sit and read. Nothing beats the good atmosphere that a good reading nook will provide. This will certainly make them feel that they would like to read.

7.) Bring your kids whenever you shop for books and let them decide what they want to get. This way you are giving them the freedom to explore. Just guide them along the way and show your support to whatever they choose. This will be a good start in building their confidence to read books until this becomes their habit.

These are only few of the numerous ways that we can encourage our children to become a "book worm". Finding your own ways can be both interesting and challenging.

As parents, it is our responsibility to introduce our kids to the world of books the earliest possible time. We will surely reap the rewards in the end!

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Thanks for the tips sis...

    Kaya nga ngayon pa lang puro books na si Bella... kakatuwa nga tingnan kasi at the age of 7 months marunong na sya mag browse and flip ng pages ng books nya...

  2. thanks for these tips! i agree that parents should influence their kids to get into the habit of reading. i got my interest in books from my father, but my mother was very supportive of it too. i was a member of the booklovers club in my elementary days, wherein members got to help the librarian for a day or two during the week. it was a very memorable experience because i got to stay in the library for hours and hours and had the time to read and read while doing library chores at the same time ;)

  3. Very well said, ngayon week na ito eh nipropromote ang mga books sa school ng daughter ko. Para maging book love ang mga bata.

  4. Thanks for the tips ate Krizza! Children must really be taught of the importance of reading. Marami talaga silang lessons na matututunan from flipping the pages of certain books and reading them well. :)

  5. if i already got kids i'll make sure to love reading books as much as i do... :D

  6. Hi sis... To join the weekend follower blog caravan you just have to click the logo sa post ko tapos i direct ka nun sa blog ng host na si mommy ruby... It's a weekly meme na nag open every Saturday... Follow mo lang yung requirements how to join tapos yung entry mo i link mo dun...

    Hope to see you next week in WBFC...

  7. @ Rovie, yup tama yun Rovs kasi Bella will get to love the books as she grows older since baby pa sya exposed na sya sa books,

    Thanks sa explanation ha? Di kasi ako ganu nakaksali sa mga ganyan pati sa mga contests kasi worry ko baka di ko maharap ng husto kasi nga I'm working eh. :) Thanks Sis!

  8. @ KM, it's nice to know that you've been a part of such club before. Reading improves our knowledge and can bring us so many information that can be useful to us later in life.

    @ Mona, Thanks Sis! Very timely pala kasi may ongoing activity pala sa school ng daughter mo about enticing them to become "book lovers". nahihilig na ksi mga kids ngayon sa computer games kaya napapabayaan na pagbabasa ng books.

    @ Algene, natumbok mo girl! :)

    @Artiemous, yes you have to encourage your kids to read books but before that....have kids first! :) Hehe

  9. I can't remember any of my parents reading out a book to me or even influencing me to read because none of them have ever loved reading. I have always believed that I learned reading on my own.

    However, thank you heaps for these tips Krizza. It's of huge help later on when I have children of my own :-)

    Hugs from me to you!

  10. hi Ive got that books also, and its great

    just adgitizing


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