Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting Away With Plastic Bags

One thing that I love most when buying at my favorite supermarket at Hoh Chi Min City are the freebies that I'm getting together with some items that I buy there. Most of the freebies that I got are cute recycable shopping bags.

This morning while I'm reading Good Housekeeping Magazine, I saw these cute and lovely shopping bags (shown on the photo above). Since I already have a few of the said recycable bags, I'm thinking if it's about time for me to stop using those plastic bags. I know that in most countries including the Philippines, they are now starting to encourage the shoppers to use "recycable shopping bags" instead of the usual plastic bags as part of their campaign for a greener and cleaner environment. I wanted to support this advocacy and start using recycable bags but sometimes, I'm also thinking on how can I completely get away from these plastics coz for one, these plastic bags are regularly used for our garbage disposal that's why I tend to collect those plastic shopping bags from the supermarkets everytime I shop. Also, we are not allowed to dispose our garbage directly to the garbage receptacles distributed and placed by the local government to every corner of the streets in our village. So, in that case I would still be needing those plastic bags.

The only way I can think of to minimize the use of these plastic bags is to create small garbage pits on our own yards where we can throw those "biodegradable". These will be covered by soil on top and later this can be converted to fertilizer for our plants. Maybe even if we just able to reduce those plastic bags by 50%, that would still help a lot to save the environment.

Plastics make our life easier that's why it's being widely used for various purposes, however the problems these plastics are causing the environment won't ever justify it's worth. We can only hope that one day, someone can discover the way to cheaply and safely melt and reuse plastics. But I guess, that is still far from now.

How about you? Are you still using plastic bags?


  1. I prefer not using plastic bags. :) Buti nalang maraming on sale na mga eco-bags na we can buy at a very low price! And ang iba, for free pa!

  2. It's good that you are looking for more ways to be greener. As for us, we use reusable totes and still some plastic so there's still something to use for the garbage, but our plastic consumption has already been reduced.

  3. Hi Algene! It's good that u prefer not to use plastic bags. That would help a lot! :)
    Thanks for being here today!

  4. Hello Vera! Nice to hear that! I think if more people will think the same way, I'm sure we all can contribute to a safer and greener environment.

    Thanks for the visit! :)

  5. As much as possible, I don't use plastic bags. I only use them for garbage. Lately, like you, I learned how to use recyclable bags, not only because they're better from plastic bags but also because it's more fashionable. Don't ya think? LOL! well, since we still can't get rid of these plastics, we just need to lessen the use of it as much as we can. It's good to know that you do compost for biodegrable wastes! I do that too and it's healthier for the environment!

    Nice post you have here sissy!

  6. Hi Ronadelle!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Sis!
    Well said...

    Let's go green! :)

  7. my family is concious of the effect of plastic bags in our environment kaya kung pwede i-avoid ginagawa namin, kaso lang kapag namili ka sa mga supermarket lalo na sa wet markets vendors are still using plastic bag
    i've heard legislators passing a bill about this...

  8. Hi Reese! Wow, good to hear that legistlators are now getting serious about this thing. They should find ways and means on how we can totally shift from using plastic bags to using eco bags and maybe brown paper bags at the wet market.

  9. I also use plastic bags very sparingly. Most of the time my supermarket issues plastic bags when the groceries bought. But I use them as garbage bags. (Yes I have a very small garbage bin. ha ha) So I think I get the maximum use of those bags.


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