Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dealing With Your Credit Card

I suddenly felt that I wanted to make a post about credit cards after I remembered that my Citibank Gold Card is expiring this month. I was having it for about 6 years already and I'm happy to say that I am a disciplined credit card user. I know that having credit cards has certain disadvantages but if your are a smart credit card holder, you will realize that it also has it own set of advantages. Say for example, my CB Gold Master Card, I find it useful for me since I am staying overseas and this card has a world wide acceptance and recognition. It is accepted in more than 150 countries and has a higher credit limit with a flexible purchasing power. But then again, it's up to you on how do you want to use your credit card. Of course, as responsible credit card holder, you should be wary of your spending. Spend according to your budget. Just take advantage of what credit card can do for you in terms of convenience, safety and rewards. When you travel, it's best to bring a credit card and lesser cash so that you will not worry so much about your money being stolen, your bag and wallets being snatched or attacked by pick pockets. Credit cards can also be lost but it is easier to manage since you only have to make a quick call to the customer service hotline about your lost card and it will automatically be disabled from the system. Some cards comes with a photo and it is more secured as any unauthorized use can be easily detected.

Also most of the budget airlines now like Air Asia and Cebu Pacific are using a virtual office where all bookings and transactions are being handled online and this will require you to have a credit card to make a booking. Another benefit is that any amount charged to your CB Gold Master Card while overseas can earn double reward points which you can use to pay for your annual membership fee, use these points to claim a great item from their Rewards catalog or simply use the reward points to pay for items on their partner merchants. You can also enroll on "one bill" where Citi One Bill lets you conveniently pay for your utility bills through your credit card. You can also use the card to purchase a gadget, any appliances or any items of your choice on those participating merchants offering the zero interest installment plan.

Using a credit card only requires one basic thing and that is DISCIPLINE. If you possess this trait then you can use your credit card to your advantage. While others say that having a plastic money at hand is quite tempting, it still depends on the card holder's discipline and maturity in handling his debts and finances.

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