Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Business Opportunities Series

Just wanted to share the following business opportunities series from My Great Food Club:

Out of the two, I am more interested on BOSS #1 which is about making "boxed desserts". How I love to learn how to make my own brownie bars, cheese cake bars, coffee Christmas cakes and Glazed Fruit Fingers. I'm also interested to learn how to bake "Foods For The Gods". All these yummy and sweet dessert cakes will even more get attractive when comes with unique packaging. These are really ideal for Christmas give aways. Actually I prefer to give something that I made, baked or cooked rather than those fancy things that can be bought from the department stores. This I believe will make your gifts more special.

The second one which is BOSS #2 is also nice coz it's about cooking those dishes that are "hit" on parties so when you are planning to get into a catering business someday, this will be a good start!

I'm really hoping that one day, I will get the chance to attend any of these business opportunities series especially the ones about baking cakes and pastries. It's my dream to be able to bake nice goodies and cakes. How I wish, there is one here in my area but most that are offered here are cooking classes. I never encountered yet any ads for baking classes. 

So...go and take your pick out of the two business opportunities classes offered by "My Great Food Club". Who knows, you might be in that business someday! :)

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