Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blind Massage At "Seeing Hands Massage Center"

Photo credit : www.massagemag.com

Did I already mentioned before that I love to get a body massage? Yes I do! I used to visit spas here in Cambodia, in Vietnam and in the Philippines just to get a relaxing body massage. I already tried different types of massage like shiatsu massage, swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and therapeutic massage. All are really good and very relaxing. When I am traveling, particularly at Hoh Chi Min City, I never fail to get a quick hand and foot massage along District 1. It definitely brings me a total relaxation after a long day of walking. But what are other benefits that we could get from a massage therapy aside from the fact that it relaxes our body?

Massage therapy relieves stress, helps manage pain, relaxes muscles, and lowers blood pressure. Swedish massage is probably the most popular, it's light to medium pressure helps to relieve stress and promotes relaxation. Recently, I'm more into "hot stone" massage as this is the type of massage offered in our place. This massage therapy melts away tensions, eases muscle pains and increases circulation and metabolism. This is done by using a water heated stones on the key areas of our body.

One of the famous massage here is the "blind massage". This is done at the "Seeing Hands Massage Center" in Phnom Penh and they also have a branch in Sihanoukville which is one of the famous tourist destinations in Cambodia. I really like the idea that they opened a learning center wherein they would train those blind people who are interested to earn a living to do therapeutic massage. I tried this "blind massage" several times at Sihanoukville and for $5, you are given an hour of deep massage which is truly relaxing. All the masseurs are polite and professional. All the massage therapists are blind but they are skillful and precise in the massage. I like the idea that patronizing the "Seeing Hands Massage Center" not only allows you to get that relaxing massage that you deserve but you also get to help those handicap people earn a decent living. This gives them the feeling that they are still useful in the society and to their families. They get to meet a lot of people and earn a decent income enough to sustain the needs of their families. I'm thinking that it would be nice if our government could sponsor more livelihood trainings for handicap people to give them the chance to see the world on it's brighter side. Seeing the blind masseurs made me feel that I'm fortunate to be a normal person and inspired me to face life with lots of positive disposition.

My experience at the "Seeing Hands Blind Massage Center" is truly rewarding. I would definitely go again if I get the chance in the near future. This way, I will not only pamper myself but I can contribute more in inspiring our less fortunate brothers and sisters.


  1. ay...i really love body massage, it is so relaxing, bihira lang magawa kasi mahal eh hahaha
    fave ko ang shiatsu

    thanks also for always visiting my blog

  2. wow, ang mura naman ng massage dyan, $5 lang. and i heard magagaling ang mga blind masseure/masseuse sa pagmasahe. and you're right too, na-pamper ka na nakatulong pa sa mga handicaps. truly we should be thankful and healthy, and this is also inspiring for disabled people because this shows that even with disabilities, they can still be productive and gainfully employed :)

    happy pampering, dear :)

  3. Good Morning Reese! Now that you are on a stressful working environment, kailangan mo to paminsan minsan. Mahal ba dyan sa inyo? Sa mga na try ko na sa Pinas, nasa range lang naman sya ng P300 to P400. Thanks again for being here...

  4. Hello KM! Yung sa blind massage $5 lang talaga dati nga $4 lang eh. Basta hindi sya tataas sa $5. So okay na di ba? Magagaling talaga ang mga blind masseurs. Strong ang pressure nila at talagang mawawala mga sakit ng katawan mo.

  5. oh sarap naman talaga ng body massage. Sana makapagpamassage kami soon!

    by the way, madali lang gawa header. Just look for any picture na gusto mo around the web, (tulad nung lady na nasa header ko) then download it. Tapos if you know how to use photoshop, paglaruan mo lang ung design. Pero ako, dahil wala akong photoshop, sa windows publisher ko ginawa. Make sure ung gagawin mo kasukat ng header mo. Then pag tapos na, upload it to photobucket, dun pwede mo pa ulit i-resize kung kailangan. About uploading it to your blogg header, tell me, i'll help you. ;)

  6. It's kinda interesting, maganda siya pag weekends pagkatapos ng mahabang trabaho na nakaka stress. Affordable din naman. :) same thing sa nuru massages.


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