Why I Love Grapes

I just bought a kilo of grapes from a nearby fruit stand for VND25K or PHP55. Sounds great? Grapes are cheaper in Vietnam. Actually not only grapes but most of the fruits. I love grapes not only because of it's good taste but also because of it's nutritional benefits. I have this habit of getting myself acquainted with the health benefits of any fruit or food that I eat. That way, I can figure out what kind of fruit or food that I have to take more to suit my body and health condition.

Well...grapes are rich in "flavonoids", a substance that gives the vibrant purple color to grapes and red wine. Grapes aid in constipation, rheumatism, skin and liver disorders. It also helps reduce platelet clumping and blood clots. The "bioflavonoids" in grapes facilitate the absorption of Vitamin C in our bodies. These bioflavonoids make our body cells strong and healthy. Grapes also contains "resveratrol" which is believed to activate enzymes that can slow down the aging process. Grapes also reduce the acidity of the uric acid, thereby it is a good ally in treating kidney disorders. Not only that, grapes can also help to slow down the build up of cataract thus reducing the risk of lost vision by 30 to 40% among elderly people.

One cup of grapes contains 1.09 gram of protein, 104 calories and 1.4 grams of dietary fiber.

Having said all of the above, would you still wonder why I love grapes?


  1. I love grapes too... Had it a weeks ago... Tagal na din kasi uso na durian dito so durian muna..hehehe

  2. thanks for this nutritional info :) i like the bigger variety of grapes better than the seedless ones ^^

  3. Hi Rovie! Ah taga Davao ka pala? Here din madami durian pero di ko pa kasi na try yun. I have apprehensions because of the smell. Thanks for the visit! :)

  4. Hi KM! Like ko din yung bigger variety of grapes but kasi it depends on what they sell at a given time. Di kasi daily meron, so I just buy whatever they have but I prefer seedless. :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. favorite ko rin ang grapes!
    my question is bakit cheaper ang fruits diyan? locally produced ba?
    dito sa 'pinas dahil sa import liberalization at patung-patong na tax eh...

  6. Hi Reese! Most of the fruits here are locally produced. Some were imported. But I noticed that everything here is cheap even the medicines. That's why I love to buy things here...even my kids enjoyed buying their personal stuff here...

  7. mabuti pa diyan mura ang bilihin...diyan na rin kaya ako magtrabaho hahaha!

  8. I love grapes too, especially the seedless ones, but sometimes there are grapes that don't taste good, maasim at matabang.


  9. Hi Mommy Liz, I also love the seedless one...Thanks for the visit! :)

  10. I love grapes too! They're my favorite fruit.


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