Monday, September 26, 2011

The Versatile Olive Oil

If there's one thing in my cabinet that I can't do without, it's a bottle of olive oil. Olive oil is very versatile for it's number of uses. I started using olive oil as a dressing for my chef salad and later, I began using it for my skin and hair care as well. Olive oil is not only a useful ingredient in our daily meals but it also has a lot of health benefits both internal and external.

Do you know that olive oil is rich in Vitamin E which is an anti oxidant and in mono saturated fats which actually helps us to lower our bad cholesterol levels? Olive oil helps to stimulate digestion and relieves upset stomach. It is also believed to aid in constipation.

But apart from it's health benefits, I also use it for my hair care. I used to massage my scalp with olive oil before bed time, let it moisturize my hair overnight and I just wash my hair after I woke up with a mild shampoo mixed with water and hair conditioner.

I also use it to moisturize my skin, I used to mix olive oil with oatmeal for my facial mask and mix it with lemon juice for cleaning my face. You can also apply olive oil to dry spots of your skin and stretch marks.

As you can see from the photo above, I especially choose the extra virgin olive oil as this has no preservatives and no additives. Extra virgin olive oil is said to be cold pressed from fresh olives and totally chemical free. Well, compared to an ordinary cooking oil, olive oil is quite expensive...if not, I might resort to using it as well in cooking. Hmmm....why not?

With these many benefits of olive oil, how can I afford to lose it in my cabinet?

Just sharing!


  1. hahaha! same brand we are using krizza, sometimes i also uses olive oil on my hair kapag sinisipag!

    "nagtatampo ka ba?" - what is this...never ako nagtampo, di lang nakakapagcomment pero i always visit and read your posts...medyo nagmamadali rin nitong mga nakaraang araw

    and today ngayon lang nagkakuryente sa amin, kaya ngayon lang din nag-iikot

    hugs krizza...

  2. Happy to see u again here! Kala ko kasi nagtampo ka. You're one great friend in the blogosphere that I don't want to lose. :)

    Yaeh nabalitaan ko typhoon sa Pinas, grabe daw. Hope it'll be over soon.

    Thanks for ensuring me that you're okay! *winks*


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