Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Typhoon Pedring Hits The Philippines!

Photo courtesy of Philippine Star.com

I was saddened by the news that I'd been seeing from CNN and by the text messages I got from my kids about a strong typhoon that hits the Philippines. Typhoon Pedring had caused classes to be suspended on all levels. Thirty four domestic flights were also cancelled. I heard that Metro Manila was also hardly hit and Marikina river overflowed which prompted the local government to order the people living near the river to evacuate the area.

In our hometown, signal no. 2 was raised and kids informed me that the rain is really really strong and never stops since early morning. Roads are flooded, electric and water supplies were also cut off.

Hearing all these news made me really sad and worried. Even during my working time here, I cannot concentrate and can't help but feel sad for another calamity that the Filipinos are currently facing. I just hope and pray that this typhoon will not cause much destruction to the country in general. I've been constantly monitoring news online and I have read that typhoon Pedring will make an exit from the Philippines by noon of Wednesday.

I hope everything will be stabilized by tomorrow.

Fingers crossed!


  1. praying for everyone's safety back home...

  2. oo nga eh... praying that everything will be back to normal... hope your kids and family are all fine...

  3. Yeah KM and Rovie! I'm really praying for everyone's safety back in the Philippines. Hope this thing will get over, soon....

  4. Everything is stabilized now. Just a few raindrops and no more strong winds. Tomorrow the sun will shine at its brightest.

  5. Oh that's a great news Allen! I'm happy to hear that! Hopefully that sun will shine tomorrow.

    Thanks for the visit and for the updates. :)

  6. ang problema nga eh wala nang bagyo at ulan pero tuloy and pagbaha sa bulacan at pampangga. gawa ng pag release ng tubig mula sa mga dam.


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