Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tawa Tawa Leaves

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Just recently, an ex colleague who just came back from his short vacation in the Philippines had mentioned to our other friend that the reason for his unscheduled vacation was to check on her daughter who was suffering from "dengue".

During the course of their conversation, he had mentioned about the "tawa tawa leaves" that he had researched online to be the best cure for dengue. Without further investigating, he immediately sought help from some of the members of their church to find for him the said "tawa tawa leaves".

Fortunately, one of the friends of the member of the church claimed to have these plants available from their back yard in the province of Bataan. Our ex colleague arranged to get the leaves immediately and upon reaching their house, they boiled some leaves minus the roots, let it cool down for a while and allow her daughter to drink the said boiled leaves for the next 24 hrs. Afterwhich, they brought their daughter back to the hospital for another blood test and to their delight, her daughter's condition was set back to normal. She's now totally cured from dengue.

I was amazed by this story as I never encountered about this "tawa tawa leaves" before. It was my first time to hear about this wonderful plant that can cure dengue. Our friend says another name for this is "gatas gatas". When I saw the picture of the plant online, I remembered to have seen it before but I was thinking that it is just like a kind of grass then. any rate, I'm happy to hear about the early recovery of his daughter just by drinking the boiled leaves of "tawa tawa". I'm beginning to get familiar with a lot of herbal plants now as I also heard about the "buntot ng pusa" herbal leaves which is also a known cure for kidney problems. On a side note, this is a good news as we can not set aside now the effectiveness of some herbal plants which were previously being taken for granted. But of course, we still need to do a lot of research so we can be well informed on the pros and cons of these herbal medicines.

But I think, drinking the boiled leaves will not really be a problem although precautionary measures are still recommended at all times.


  1. although no scientific basis our family is a believer and user of tawa tawa leaves... it is proven to cure fever and dengue...

    little bella is fine now after staying overnight at the hospital due to viral gastroenteritis...

    thanks for your concern and for visiting krizz...

  2. Hi Rovie! So u mean u have tried using "tawa tawa leaves" already? That's good!

    I'm happy to hear that Bella is okay now. Take good care of her....:)

  3. Hi. If this tawa-tawa leaves really can cure dengue, then it should be immediately made into a pill or syrup and made available to everyone to fight dengue in our country. Not everyone can plant it in their backyard, you know.

  4. the name caught my attention. tawa tawa or gatas gatas. mahilig talaga tayong mga Pinoy sa inuulit-ulit << katulad na lang nyan :D and of course, ang famous, "major major" ni venus raj :D

  5. Hi Krizza

    I believe that herbal has medicinal values if only we knew. Olden days cure is slow but it is effective unlike some modern days pills or capsules that have side effect.
    Thanks for sharing


  6. Hi Chin! Yeah you're right! But I'm thinking maybe there is no further studies made yet by the government to prove the effectiveness of this plant for dengue although there were already so many testimonies made by some private individuals who have tried it.

    Thanks for your thoughts! :)

  7. Yeah KM....u said it right! :) Naaliw din ako sa name ng plant na ito! Hehe ....

  8. Yes Umi! You're right and I agree with you...not only synthetic drugs are expensive, these sometimes have side effects, too. Actually I'm more into "natural healing" now and in Philippines, this is now becoming more popular...

    Thanks for the visit dear! :)

  9. my family is a believer of the power of herbal medicines - we boiled tanglad, luya, etc. sabi ng DOH di pa proven ang tawa-tawa leaves...hahaha at least ngayon may napagaling na pala

  10. Hi Reese! That's also what I'm thinking, maybe di pa pasado sa DOH ang "tawa tawa leaves" kaya di pa sya ganu widespread. But, maybe it's worth a try pag talagang kailangan....anyway, may mga sumubok na. :)

    Happy Friday!

  11. Where can we buy tawa tawa Plants?

  12. That's true, all herbal medicines were designed by God to be us as our simple remedy, but all of these are an instruments only, still God will give the healing for us. So we should keep our body healthy and holy,,by eating healthy and nutritious foods so that we are not prone in sickness and in that way we could glorify God in every thing we do. God bless!!!
    -Romans 12:1-2


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