Monday, September 5, 2011

The Sun is Up!

Finally, the sun is up in the Philippines after long days and weeks of strong rains. I'm happy to hear from my daughter that rain took a break. :) This means that some of our pending projects in the house will resume. Hope that rain will take a long break. This has caused a lot of inconvenience to people. There was a land slide in our home town and until now, casualties are still confined in the government hospital. My daughter is also having fever on and off because of the weather. I could imagine the difficulty of going to school everyday amidst the heavy rains. Sometimes, she would arrive in the house with her uniforms partially wet and her socks all wet. So, I'm really thankful that the sun is up! But, I know this will only be temporary as rainy season is not yet over.

Anyway, I just hope that when the rain comes back, it wouldn't be in a form of a destructive typhoon. For now, we have to rush on things. Our projects are on pending status for few weeks because of the rain. :)

What a good day to begin with. Hope everything would be fine the rest of the week.


  1. Good for ya coz its raining over at our end hehehe.

    Making Maki rolls is very easy, as long as you can buy the nori (seaweed wraper) the ingredients are just up to you. I usually used bacon, egg. bell pepper, lettuce, or cucumber with mine. Yuu can search it up online, there are many ways to make it. Di ako palasunod sa direction so I usually make my own.

  2. yeah, really hoping for a good weather here... changes in temperature causes sickness to everyone especially to babies and children...

  3. Thank u Chubskulit. I will try to search for a recipe online. Thanks for the visit!

    Hi Rovie...sana nga tuloy tuloy na pag ganda ng weather. Thanks for the visit.


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