Sunday, September 4, 2011

Righteous Work

For today's reflection, I would like to ponder on the following verse from the Bible.

Proverbs 10:16

"The wages of the righteous bring them life, but the income of the wicked brings them punishment."

Now a days, it seems like very hard to find a job so if you are blessed with one, you should be very thankful and grateful to God. But according to the above verse, work should be governed by righteousness. When we say righteous work, it is a kind of work that you render without the elements of cheat, lies and abuse. It is but human nature that we tend to envy those people earning big. Then, we would ask ourselves, "Why I am just earning a little?" "Why I can't be like him?"

It's not only one time that I've encountered people who would always lament on their current jobs citing their strong desire to earn big just like the other people that they knew. They make this as an excuse for not progressing on with their lives. I always tell them that if they really want to save and achieve a certain goal, then the decision is all up to them. Earning big or little is not the problem but your attitude towards your finances. You must have discipline in handling your money and a sheer determination to succeed. I am talking based from experience and based from my actual observations. I know a lot of people who are earning quite big for years but ended up with nothing. I know of some who are working overseas for about 10 to 15 years but until now, they are still struggling on the "start up" money stage of their lives. I also heard about some people who started up with a meager income but ended up successful. If you will base from these observations, then would you still say that the size of your income dictates your future?

Let's face it, some people get rich very fast out of their "wicked jobs". But one thing is for sure, this will not last long. Remember the saying, "Easy to get, easy to lose". On the other hand, income derived from a righteous work is often blessed and lasts forever.

Before I finally end, I would just like to emphasize on one thing.....

Think of all the blessings coming our way, consider everything. Do not only concentrate on the "tangible things". Even those "intangible ones" are a blessing by itself. Blessings do not only come in terms of monetary rewards and material wealth. There are blessings which are intangible and always end up to be the best. One good example is "good health". They say, if you never spend for the purchase of medicines and paying hospital bills, that is a blessing! The fact that you are healthy is a blessing by itself. Being happy and stress free is also a blessing. Being surrounded by a supportive family and a company of good friends is also a blessing. These are the blessing that never come in monetary form but the rewards you get is more fulfilling.....and these can only be derived out of righteous work.


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