Friday, September 16, 2011

Rice Cake - Vietnam Style!

Every time I work night shift, it has been my routine to go to the nearby market after checking out from work to buy some foods for my breakfast and some for snack the rest of the day. I love to see those people flocking into the area buying foods from the Vietnamese vendors who traveled all the way from the nearby provinces to sell their foods. Sometimes, I just buy any food that I see out of curiosity and just for the experience (lol).

During the last day of my night shift, I went out to buy this rice cake from one of the Vietnamese vendors which actually resembles our Philippine "biko" and "palitaw" rolled into one (lol). It is also made of sticky rice and looks like "biko" but when I tasted it, it's not really sweet until the vendor put some combination of sugar and shredded coconut on top same like our own version of "palitaw". That's why I said it's a combination of "biko" and "palitaw". Serving comes in two sizes, the smaller one for VND5K and the bigger one for VND10K. That's about PHP10 and PHP21 respectively.

The taste? Well...I find it okay as I'm also able to finish the small serving but of course, I still prefer the taste of "biko". I noticed that they sell so many foods which is quite similar to our own Philippine foods like puto, turon and empanada but the difference lies in the taste, method of preparation and presentation.

In the end, it's still worth a try! After all, sampling their foods is my own way of bonding with the "locals". It's truly an experience I wouldn't like to miss.


  1. buti hindi ka mapili sa pagkain diyan, my taste buds have difficulty adjusting kapag iba na ang preparation, itsura at taste ng food hahaha!

  2. I was like that the first time I came here! But...after a couple of weeks, I've lost around 5 kgs. and I don't want to continue losing weight just because di naman me mataba talaga. I also told myself that I have to survive living in another country...So, when in Rome, do as the Romas do...this has been my motto since the :)


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