Thursday, September 22, 2011

Power Up!

It was a very busy day for me...I had an important appointment to attend to. So just because I have to travel to the city and attend to that appointment, I just took the chance to combine business with pleasure. I pampered myself with eating foods that I cannot have here in our isolated place (lol). Tried "fish amok", a famous Khmer dish that I always got to see from other blogs of pinays here in Cambodia. It was truly delicious. Bought some cakes and pastries and had some midnight snacks in the hotel room. I regret that I wasn't able to bring my digital camera. I wasn't able to shot pictures. Oh, before I forget....I also tried some relaxing "oil massage" on the same hotel where I stayed. It was really good. I requested the lady masseurs that I prefer a "hard massage" as that time, I really had some body pains maybe because of being stressed out for few days and also probably because of the travel. I was able to have a very good sleep after the massage. It was awesome!

Able to meet a nice "tuktuk driver" whom I hired to bring me to places that I'm supposed to go. In Phnom Penh, it's very hard to find a "tuk tuk driver" who will not charge you much especially when they know that you are a foreigner.

My meeting went through smoothly and I was able to get a bit of shopping before I headed back to my place of work. I arrived almost 6PM and needed a "nap"...I still have to work the same day.

Overall, it was fun especially that I got "positive results" from my appointment.

How was your day?

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