Friday, September 30, 2011

New Cooking Workshops At My Great Food Club

Wheww! just a couple of months more and we are way near to my favorite month... December. For me, it's the happiest time of the year because of so many holidays and celebrations especially in our home town back in the Philippines as this is also the month for our City Fiesta. So when we talk about holidays and occasions, the first thing that would come to our mind is foods, foods and lots and lots of foods. Well..this is just expected as there will be lots of parties here and there. So when we talk about foods then we may think of what new dishes can we prepare and cook for our family and friends. Well...San Miguel Purefoods Culinary Center had prepared 3 cooking classes for the month of October. Each class will just cost you P1,500 including manual, ingredients and apron. They have this "I Can Bake Party Desserts" where you will learn how to bake special goodies like Choco Cake with fudge frosting, cheese cakes and pecan tartlets. I think this would be a perfect gift for our friends. How I love to attend this class but unfortunately, I cannot (lol). They also have the "I Can Cook Spanish" and "I Can Cook Chinese" classes where you will learn those favorite dishes usually being served on such special occasions. How I love to master that "Arroz Valenciana"! I never tried cooking it though. It requires a lot of ingredients so one must be careful so as not to waste the ingredients. That's why I won't try it without really having a good introduction on how it should be prepared and cooked.

Anyway, if you are in the Philippines and wants to learn something new, experience the thrills of meeting new friends and get acquainted with your favorite dishes, then you might want to give these classes a try. It's just timely as Christmas season is fast approaching.

Log on to for more details.

Good Luck and Happy Cooking!


  1. Thanks for the info Krizza. I also like to attend cooking classes like that especially the Chinese delicacies. When I go home for a vacation, I try to look out for cooking classes but was never able to attend any. Maybe next time I'm on vacation. I'll check the site, do they give updates of cooking classes?

  2. Hi Chin! Nice to see you here...yes, I think they have schedule for the cooking classes every month. Just check their website from time to time. I've been a member of My Great Food Club since I was still in the Philippines.

    Thanks for the visit! :)


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