Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Daughter Got A Boil!

Was saddened with the news that I heard from my daughter...she just got a boil ("pigsa" in Filipino Language), her first time to have it actually. She said it's actually a season for "boil" in the Philippines now, even our house helper is having it, too. Too bad for her as she goes to school everyday and I know that having one makes her feel uncomfortable. I had that before when I was still working in the Philippines but I had it on my lower leg. My daughter's boil is in the armpit so I could imagine how difficult it is for her to move her arm. Hmmm....not a good reward for her. She just sent me a text message and told me about her grades in school and was happy to hear that she got really high grades on most subjects so having this boil now is not a good reward for her "hard work", isn't it?

Anyway, I told her to observe proper care so it would be cured faster. A boil is a kind of skin infection that would initially appear as a tender and reddened part of your skin and later would become firm and hard. Later, it would collect a lot of "pus". Treating a boil starts from a "hot compress". This helps the circulation in the area and somehow relieves the pain. Most simple boils can be treated at home but for some complicated cases, like what I had years ago, help from a medical practitioner will be recommended. The pus can only be drained once it becomes soft or once it forms the "head". Antibiotics are usually administered for this kind of disease to eliminate the build up of bacteria but rare cases would definitely need the attention of a Doctor.

How I wish hers is just a minor case and wouldn't go to the extent of going to the hospital for the pus to be drained using minor surgical operation. I wish it won't be a severe case as I also don't like her to have much absences from school.

Hope she'll get better soon!


  1. Hi Krizza

    I had mine when I was a teenager on my lower leg too.Two in fact and were big and I couldn't walk la. Painful. Your girl has it in the armpit. That must be awful for her.Poor girl.

    Hope the boil will "ripen" soon and pus can be removed and her misery will be over.

    Take care dear

  2. Thank you Umi! I really hope the same way, too.
    Thank you so much for the visit! I really appreciate it....

  3. Hello Krizza.

    I hope your Darling daughter will get rid of the boil real quick. I haven't experienced it yet but it must be really hard for a young girl like her. I hope her miseries will be over soon.

    Hugs from me to you and your daughter!

    See yah!

  4. I hope she gets better too.


  5. Wawa naman ng pincess mo, hope she feel better soon.

  6. on the armpit? ang sakit noon!
    i algo got pigsa...when i was in highschool my mom had this ointment para madaling mahinog, i am asking her that ointment...nakalimutan na niya eh

  7. Thank you ladies for wishing her well....I also pity her but I'm sure she'll get over it in time!

    Thank you for the visit and the comments! (*hugs*)

  8. sorry to hear that... siguro dala yan ng panahon... mainit tapos ulan bigla or vice versa. I also brought Bellato her Pedia today due to diarrhea and fever viral daw ang cause eh...

    hope your daughter gets better soon..

    by the way,already blogged about the award. I'm sorry for the late post...

  9. Hi Rovie! Sorry to hear what happened to Bella, too. Hope she gets well soon. Thanks for coming here! About the blog award, it's okay. I do understand your busy problem.

    Take Care good care of Bella! (*hugs*)

  10. Tumeric is a good blood cleanser to cleans the blood when you get an infection. I have experience with boils since when I travel to tropical places I have a tendency to get bitten regularly by bugs and mosquitos, once in a while, this leads to a skin infection. The best cure is what you said, antibiotics, hot compress, but to cleanse the blood and make it stronger, I recommend Tumeric and Garlic. Also, apply calendula cream to the sore skin is beneficial. Cheers, best of luck to your daughter.

  11. Oh...those are great tips Sabrina! It's my first to hear about Tumeric and calendula cream. I would ask them to search for one in our local drug stores. Hope it helps...

    Thank u so much for the concern and for visiting!


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