Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MANIS (Indonesian Food)

I got this from my friend who is an Indonesian Cook. She is the one preparing our foods everyday in our work place. She said, this was brought by her brother from Indonesia. When I asked her what is this, she said "Manis" is an Indonesian word which means "sweet". She added that I can eat this together with steamed rice. This friend of mine cannot express herself well in English that's why it's a bit difficult for her to explain to me what this "Manis" is made of. I'm amazed with this lady, she's an Indonesian but speaks well in Khmer (Cambodian Language). She can speak better in Khmer than in English (lol). So whenever she talks to me, she is using a bit of English, a bit of Indonesian Language and lots of Khmer (lol).

Sometimes, when people hear us talking, they want to feel crazy with how we talk. As for me, I talk to her with lots of English and a bit of Khmer. Exciting, isn't it? We're friends though so we can understand each other in any language...hahaha.

As for this MANIS that she gave me, no choice. I want to know much about this food, but there is no way she can explain it to me. So, I would just follow her instruction, I would just try to eat this with rice. :) Hope my stomach will not complain later (lol).

Just sharing!

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  1. i am familiar with kecap manis, it is a sweet soysauce that my mom used in her dishes
    i am adjusting siguro sa work schedule and i will always keep in mind the peso sign whenever i am tired and to keep me awake sa trabaho...nakaidlip nga ako kaninang madaling araw sa discussion hahaha!


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