Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kris Aquino - The New Olay Total Effects Endorser!

For the nth time, Kris Aquino proves that she is the undisputed celebrity endorser as Olay Total Effects had chosen her to be the new face in it's new TV commercial. Well...judging from the above TV endorsement, there is no doubt that Kris Aquino possessed that undeniably "flawless skin". As Kris admitted during her interviews, she owed her "good skin" to her genes giving credit to her two grand mothers. But Kris reportedly used the said product for 3 months before deciding to accept doing the TV commercial. She was quoted as saying that she doesn't want to put her name and credibility at risk so she would normally try first the products that she is being offered to endorse.

I have considerable thoughts as to what this lady really had making her a credible product endorser. She got a number of product endorsements to her credit and companies would not consistently choose her to endorse their products if she is not proven to be an influential endorser. Kris Aquino despite of the numerous controversies she'd been involved with in the past remains to be a favorite product endorser and remains to be in the number one spot at Yes! Top Celebrity Endorsers of 2011.

No doubt that Kris Aquino is soaring high with all her TV commercials left and right. She's been blessed with so many things, indeed. Being a daughter of two prominent icons in Philippine history, sister of the current President of the Philippines, a famous TV personality, Queen of All Media and a Top Celebrity endorser, Kris is undeniably one of the "luckiest" and well known personality in the country today. The only down side in Kris Aquino's life is her "love life". the saying goes, God will not give you everything in this world....

At any rate, I like her new Olay Total Effects TV commercial and she looks really stunning and convincing in that TV commercial with her youthful and flawless skin ever....


  1. i've always been planning to use this product.. but isn't it way too expensive for 'ordinary' people? lol! left you a kiss, girl! hope i get one back, thanks!

  2. Hi Kim! Thanks for coming here... I don't know how much is this product now in the Philippines, the last time I checked this out.. it's around Php750. But here is way cheaper...

    Sure...will visit u back! :)

  3. i wanted to try but its so expensive.


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