Monday, September 12, 2011

Fixing Up!

I'm thinking of rearranging my working table to suit my lifestyle. I'm one person who would always sit infront of my table for hours. I love to surf, I love to read and I love to blog. This has been my routine for many months now. Whenever, I find something that interests me, I would always take down notes. I have a long list of sites that I love to visit. Reading keeps me well informed and abreast with the latest trends. Apart from reading online, I also have some women magazines and few selected books that I always keep on my working table. But recently, I find my working table to be a bit messed up already. Sometimes, I'm looking for something that I couldn't find right at that moment. That only means to say that I am slacking on my organization skills (lol). I really need to organize my humble space to keep me going.

I love this magazine organizer and pen holder that I found online. These are very cute and very "girly". Don't you think so?

I found these on

I like all my things to be cute and bubbly. Well...this somehow makes me think and feel young and jolly all the times. Sometimes, my colleagues would always ask me why I love to decorate every little space that I have which I always replied with, "Well...this is the thing that makes me happy and keeps me going! Any complain?" (hahaha!) Of course, I'm kidding!

I'm happy to note that this trait of mine was adopted by my kids. Maybe it's true that kids always mimic what they see from their parents. Of course, I'm referring to those positive things which they find fulfilling like your hobbies and your passions.

So, enough for this dilly dally.... I have to make a move and fix my desk now.

Tomorrow will be a new day and my table will have a "new look".

Got to go! Ciao!


  1. Oh my thats so pretty!
    I love this.
    Thanks for sharing


  2. me too wants everything organized...and i like the pink one! Philippine made ba iyan? parang materials from the philippines eh...

  3. Hi Umi! Yeah....that's the first thing that I said when I saw these pretty! :) I like the pink "girly".

    Thanks for the visit!

  4. Hello Reese! Yeah it's nice to be organized kasi...mas inspired ka mag work pag organized paligid mo. I like the pink one, too. These are not Philippine made, though. But I'm sure you can find a "replica" on native souvenir shops.

    Thanks for the consistent visit! :)

  5. cute nung pink :) medyo "organize freak" din ako. okei lang hindi super "malinis" basta "maligpit" ;)

  6. Hi KM! Cute nga talaga nung pink! Mas okay kasi mag work pag neat and organized working area mo! :) Thanks for coming here! :)


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