Friday, September 2, 2011

Filipino Foods That I Truly Missed!

Today, I feel like I'm craving for some Filipino foods that I truly missed. This is the downside of staying in a foreign land. How i wish, I could have a scrumptious lunch having these foods on the table.

Grilled Bangus, Pork Sisig and Beef Kare-kare! OMG, I soooo love to have these foods now (*sad*). Problem is I cannot cook these foods here. Bangus (milk fish) is not available here and ingredients for the other two are not complete here in my place. So, my only resort is to look over the pics of these foods that I so loved to eat. These pics were taken from the Philippines when I had my vacation last time. I just wanted to recall how I enjoyed eating my favorite Filipino foods.

Hmmm... for now, perhaps I would just cook fish paksiw instead. :(

Have a nice week end everyone!


  1. I also like sisig. Too bad I didn't eat much of this during our vacation in the Philippines. Suddenly, I feel like missing it, too.

  2. Hi Chin! Thanks for dropping by! Didn't you happen to cook it at anytime in your place? Sisig is one of my faves. I will surely have this on my next vacation. :)

  3. These food looks so yummy, sad to know that you cant able to eat these food, dito sa amin my asian store so almost all kind of Filipino food meron dito kaso mahal lang pero ok na at least matikman yung craving na food..adgitizing you..

  4. Hi Shy! Thanks for the visit! Di bale kahit mahal, at least when u want to satisfy your cravings, you can always get one. :)
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Everything you featured here are my faves! Yummy!Thanks for the visit! -Tori


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