Thursday, September 1, 2011

Controversial Girls Shirt

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Have read the news about a girl's shirt being pulled out from the JCPenny website Wednesday. This long sleeves white T-shirt bears some wordings not pleasing for most parents, thereby creating parental outrage.

The controversial T-shirt reads:

"I'm too pretty to do my homework, so my brother has to do it for me"

To be honest, I myself was displeased with this shirt design. Why? Because, I'm also a parent and I also have a daughter whom I will never allow to wear such kind of shirt with a stupid message!

For one, if you are a girl,would you wear something that degrades your self worth? Why would you wear something that conveys a "wrong message" for other girls to emulate? The message on this shirt is very degrading! It conditions the mind of the public, girls in particular that being pretty outshines being smart and intelligent and gives you the right to neglect your studies. Any parent would not be happy to see their kids to be more concern on being cute and pretty in exchange of their academics. If you're pretty then you're pretty, that's it! It's wrong to justify being lazy on your school works to your pleasing appearance. If you're pretty and smart at the same time, then that would be great!

At any rate, glad that some reputable online companies such as JCPenny had made a stand to protect the integrity of their merchandise being sold online. The company apologized to the public, to the parents in particular about the said controversially designed shirt. The company who has come up with such design must now think twice and screen their goods before putting these out on sale so as to avoid offending the consumers.

This has to be a lesson learned!


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  3. well said...i totally agree with your points here


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