Saturday, September 17, 2011

Caviar Facial Whitening Cream

I wonder if anyone of you had already tried this facial cream. It's Caviar Facial Whitening Cream. I bought it during my last grocery shopping. This product was recommended by the seller. She said, this facial cream is a product from Thailand and proven to lighten dark spots in your face. Well....I did purchased it with the thought that I have tried various skin care products from Thailand and there's nothing that I have problem with. In my place here, most of the skin care products that you can find are mostly from Thailand as Cambodia is very near to Thailand. Well...Thailand is not only famous for being the shopping capital of Asia but it is also famous for being the leader as far as skin treatments and products are concerned. Most tourists are going to Thailand just for the cosmetic surgery and other skin care treatments. Another good thing about buying products from Thailand is the cheap price. Most of the products are very affordable. No wonder, many Filipinos are going there just to shop.

As for this cream, I just have started using it and so far, I did not observe any allergic reactions to it. In fact, it is not so harsh to the skin and no "sting" feeling when you apply it as compared to other facial creams that I have tried before. For just 1 week of using it, I could notice the lightening of some dark spots on my face. But I cannot boast yet on the effectiveness of this product as of this time, as this must be proven after continued use and I just have started with it. Actually the container is very small, so it would probably last for less than a month, I supposed. Since I find it to be safe on my skin, I will just continue using it and hoping to see some positive results so I would be confident to recommend it next time :).

Well....let's see!


  1. mayron ba yan sa SM Krizz? share mo ulit if effective.

  2. Hi Hot Stuff Mama! I'm not so sure if it's available sa SM, but probably it is coz some skin care products from Thailand are already available in the Philippines but I just don't know about the price pagdating na sa Pinas. Yeah...sure I will make another post about the effectiveness of the product soon.

    Thanks for the visit! :)

  3. wow...soysal! caviar the material usedis expensive ah...

  4. Hahaha! Kaw talaga Reese...nope, surprisingly, skin care products here are not so expensive if compared sa Pinas. Lucky for me! :)

  5. Hi Krizza

    I hope the cream will not have any side effects for you. Thank you for visiting me Krizza. have a great Sunday ya.

    Take care.

  6. Hi Umi! So far, it's fine with side effects noted.

    Thanks for visiting, too!


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