Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catching Up!

I don't understand why I have a lot of things to do.... Today, I had another migraine attack and it keeps me off from doing things. Migraine needs a complete bed rest and I have work tomorrow, so I have no choice but to sleep. If not, I might be absent from work if the pain never subsides. Never cooked my dinner today. Just bought some snacks and fruits at a nearby shop. I'm not in the mood to eat and do anything. I'm an organized person thus, I feel like a little mess in my room is already a big problem.

Tomorrow...I have to do the laundry, ironing, fixing my room, cleaning, etc. The thing is I don't have an OFF day this month so I really have to squeeze everything in my day to day schedule. How I wish a day has more than 24 hours (*sigh*).

But if my migraine gets totally cured tomorrow, I guess, I would be able to finish all just in time. Have to do multi tasking again. Anyway, I'm used to it!

Week end and week days are basically the same to me. My work is continuous so sometimes, I never even bother to know what day is today. I just keep track on the dates (lol). Anyway....busy is better than being idle. That means we're productive.

It's getting late, got to go!


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