Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bad Hair Day!

Whoooo....what a bad hair day! Never got a good sleep today, never got a good meal as I was not feeling well. Got a bit of head ache. I got a couple of things to do today but I simply don't have that drive to do anything, and the worst part is, I still have to go to work later. :( Sigh!!

I have piles of clothes to laundry but I've just decided to keep it aside first. Just got a quick meal as I'm not in the mood to cook. I've decided to just work on some pending things online but my ISP has never been good to me these past few days. There is always a problem in the "connection". It always disconnect. I'm actually thinking of looking for a different ISP. Currently I'm using Metfone. Looks like today is not my day. Since I have a difficulty completing my online tasks because of the ISP problem. I just decided to give up all my pending works and just watch a DVD movie, I picked up a movie by Julia Roberts entitled, "Eat, Pray, Love" and just watch it while indulging myself into some "Munchies Cheese Fix" and a can of soda (lol). I know this is not a healthy food but doing it once in a while won't hurt. :)

The ending? I had an unproductive but a relaxing day! (lol)


  1. at least you have the time to relax... sometimes our body has their own way of saying that they need to be rested once in a while..

    i have the eat,pray,love dvd but haven't had the chance to watch it... i might try watching it sometime...

  2. I guess you're right Rovie! Workaholic kasi ako. Gusto ko palagi me madami nagagawa each day...ewan ko ba. Maybe nga my body is complaining na and wanted to tell me that she needs a rest. :)

    Thanks for the visit!


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