Saturday, August 13, 2011

When Driving Becomes A Necessity

My friend from way way back who is now residing at California had mentioned to me through our exchange of emails how is her life now after going through a series of adjustments migrating in a new land. Of course, she mentioned about the difficulties she had experienced in finding an appropriate job for her, adjusting to the climate, the environment, the people and so on. She's been transferring from one job to another until she was able to find the job that she really wants a couple of years ago. She said, driving herself to work would be so ideal. Unlike in Philippines, owning a car there seems to be a necessity but getting a driving license is quite tough. You have to pass a written examination which is not that easy! My friend is a first time driver. She is not a veteran in this field and she told me that even some people that she knew there who had been driving for years had also experienced difficulties securing a license.

I could remember how it was easy for me to get one in The Philippines the first time I drive. The Driving School which I attended to was the one who arranged initially for my Student's License until I was able to upgrade to a Non Prof Driver's License. Well..anyway, different places have different rules.

Recently, I heard that she is considering to get the ca dmv study guide online. This is a a complete downloadable reference guide for those who wish to prepare for their driving written test. She got this information from the "Department of Motor Vehicles" site as per recommendation from her office mate.

Well... I could imagine how important for her to be able to drive herself to work and drive for her family during week end leisure trips. Shedding an extra amount of money to get things done faster looks practical as she is having a really busy schedule now.

Even me, I'm resorting now to doing things online like shopping, bills payment, booking flights and hotels, etc. This saves me a lot of time and very convenient, too. Well... I'm wishing her luck and hoping that she would be able to drive me around one day given the chance to visit her. :)

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