Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time Flies So Fast!

Time flies so fast! I barely noticed that we are already on the eight month of the year. It's August already. Few more months and it's going to be Christmas again. Oh my...I just remembered that beginning of this year, I was writing down my "to do list" for this year and now I have to make a review of what have I accomplished so far based from what I have written down. Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing this to upset myself in case that I fall short of what needs to be done. Let's just say that this is just a reminder to myself to double time and catch up with the things left undone. But let me see....some of the things I listed down were not done intentionally because it's just normal that we change our plans sometimes and replace these with something that we find more suitable and applicable for us at a given time. Well...I checked on my list and so far, out of 15 goals that I have listed down, I'm able to accomplish 8 already, 3 were canceled and replaced by other more realistic and practical goals :) and 4 were still left undone. Not bad, huh? Well...I still have 5 more months left including this month....so hopefully that I will be able to catch up with the other 4 goals. If I'm able to accomplish everything I've written down by end of this year, of course I would be very happy and there would be a reason for me to celebrate and treat myself with something that I would truly enjoy! That will be my reward for myself!

Don't you think it's enough reason to motivate myself to work harder? (lol)

Well...I'm crossing my fingers. So far, I'm on the right track!

Wish me luck please :)


  1. good for you...you are underway of achieving your goals for this year

    i did not list any goals hahaha, come what may na lang hahaha

    thanks for that heartening words yesterday

  2. Yeah! I'm on my way to completing all my goals..
    and I'm so happy about it! :) I'm just crossing my fingers that I could fulfill the other 4 goals left. hahaha!!


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