Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's almost 1 week in a row that I have not been eating much. I don't know, maybe because my appetite was affected by my stressful situation or maybe because I'm sick and tired of the foods I've been normally taking each day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into dieting. Absolutely not! It's just that I really cannot figure out what I would like to eat these past few days. Meals prepared for us from the company restaurant consist mostly of meats. It's either fried or with sauce that I really not much into. I always ended up taking just a few bites and voila! I'm done! And since, I'm not in the mood these days, I barely cook my meals, as well. I always eat sandwiches, salads and quick soups plus some servings of fruits. (*pity*). Anyway, today I'm planning to cook "sinigang" and hoping to have recouped from a week of "unintentional fasting" (lol).

This is the life of an OFW. Exciting, boring and starving! Hahaha.... Anyway, I'm slowly getting out from depression. Thanks to my blogger friends :)



  1. nice to hear that your getting out of depression...have a nice day

  2. Hi sweetie! Glad that you came! Hahaha!


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