Friday, August 5, 2011

On Being Frugal...

I did mention on my previous post that to date, I was able to achieve 8 so far out of the 15 goals that I have listed down beginning of this year. I used to do it every year. From my past experiences, I'm able to accomplish more goals if I make a self commitment by writing these down on my yearly planner. One of the goals that I have listed down there is to build up more savings by cutting down on unnecessary expenses. any normal woman does, I love shopping and loves to pamper myself by going to spa and salons. But this year, I tried my best to cut down on my expenses as I need to move on to another goal which can only materialize if I could build up more savings and cuts down on my expenses.
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Glad to say I'm going on the right track....I was successful enough to cut down on my unnecessary expenses. I limit my shopping to only those that are essential to me like food stuff and the normal skin care products. I cut down on buying clothes, shoes, bags as I thought that I still have a lot in my cabinet and this shouldn't be my priority now. I still visit spa for body massage but it's not very often, sometimes it's just every two months. I can't totally drop this as I need it for health reasons. I cut down on my regular trips to salon. I'm just buying my own facial masks and creams for my regular facials and hair spa products for my hair care treatment. Sometimes, I make my own. I just follow the recipes I found online. I also cut down on going to restaurants for my meals especially dinners. I still do but it's very very seldom. Now, I'm cooking all my meals and this helps me save a lot as the foods being sold on the restaurants here in my place are quite expensive. Cooking also makes me busy and keeps me away from boredom. I'm also lucky enough that I don't need to bring foods to work same as what most people are doing as the company provides free meals.

I also cut down on buying loads for my CP and try to use SKYPE for chatting and use YM for sending messages to Philippines, at times. So I use my cell phone loads for urgent messages and calls and only when I'm away from my laptop. I made a budget plan which I have to follow each month and I'm doing my best to stick with my budget plan. I'm happy to note that I am in full control of myself now when it comes to spending. Even my CP which is already outdated was never replaced for years now until my work mates are already teasing me to buy a new one. They always tell me that I can afford to buy a good one which I always replied with, "A Cell Phone is still a Cell Phone for as long as it can be used for texting and calling" followed by a smile:) 

But I also believe that being frugal does not equates to self deprivation. I am still willing to spend especially if it concerns my health and wellness and if it's for the benefit of the family. The thing is, I'm just trying to prioritize things now. Like, I'm hoping to visit a place whether domestic or international once or twice a year. So, to achieve such goal, I have to weigh what is necessary and what is a luxury. I'm still spending on some things that I find to be important. I am not sacrificing my happiness. I'm just trying to prioritize things and look for alternatives so I could spend money wisely.

This way, I believe I could achieve more!

Happy week end everyone!


  1. Thank you Silver and thanks for visiting here! :)

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