Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nature Trip 06 - I Love Green!

I am a certified garden lover! I love greens! This explains why my house is full of plants. I just feel relaxed every time I look at green plants, flowers and trees. I just feel so close to nature. Every time I visit a particular place especially the one in the country side, I always look for plants...plants and lots of plants. Even if I am riding in a bus, I would always open the curtain of the window when the bus is already approaching the farms. I just don't want to miss the sight! I just feel the serenity of the environment and this brings me to a relaxed mood.

I love to have some solitude moments while appreciating the beauty of nature. This helps me to meditate and make some personal reflections.

These photos were all taken from Saigon....


  1. Untouched nature is really beautiful.. it's a pity that most people dont take care of the environment but instead pollute it and in the long run has disastrous effects. The garden/park your pictures were taken looks so lush and well cared for.. I wonder what would happen in the the near future when forests and parks are bulldozed to make way for civilization :/ would the future generations have to visit a museum to learn about plants?

    Anyway, you are right about looking at plants and feeling calm and serene.. I find that sitting in a park on a breezy day a good way to unwind and relax.


  2. Hi Xen! Thanks so much for your comments. Like you, I value nature, too. It's God gift to mankind and we should all take part in protecting the environment. Being close to nature is like being close to God!

    I appreciate your visit! :)

  3. Hi Chie! Thank u so much for dropping by here and glad to know that we share the same interest. :)

  4. i love green too, the color has a life.. :)


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