Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Troubles...

"A difficult situation can be handled in two ways: we can either do something to change it, or face it. If we can do something, then why worry and get upset over it, just change it. If there is nothing we can do, again why worry and get upset over it? Things will not get better with anger and worry."

-- Shantideva --

I was hooked with this quotation when I was reading a book. Looks like it has something to do with my current situation. If you are frequenting my blog site, you could have read my previous posts talking about my sadness, boredom and stress beginning of this week until this time...yes, until this time :(

I would say that I'm full of worries now...

Reading this quotation, I have some quiet moments of self reflection and came into a realization that for as long as we live, we will never ran out of problems, worries and fears. These will always be a part of our human existence and a parcel of our human experience.

On some moments, we can be happy and on top. At some point, we can feel failure and some unfavorable situations in life. It's because life is like a wheel. It keeps on rolling and you don't exactly know when it would stop.

When we were attacked by problems, we always feel like it's the end of the world for us. It seems like we cannot be happy again....not anymore!'s so easy to convert a garden into a wilderness...but it's not always easy to re convert a wilderness into a garden. We have the tendency clinging to the pains as a normal person does.'s natural, we are just humans.

Only later do we realize that there is always a way out. They say no one is subjected to eternal misery. Some good things never last. But bad things do.

I was guilty of these I was behaving like this the past few days. I feel like I'm nowhere to go. I isolated myself and was in deep thoughts until I get all the stress. I failed to adopt a positive frame of mind and continued to dwell on the negative side of things. I was wrong...

There is a way out!

According to Wella Wilcox,

"It's easy enough to be pleasant; when life flows like a song,
But the one worthwhile is the one who can smile,
when things go dead wrong,for the test of the heart is trouble,
And it always comes with the years.....
And the smile that is worth, the praises of earth..
is the smile that shines through the tears...."

Happy week end everyone!

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