Monday, August 8, 2011

My Future Orchids Collection

One project that I'm dying to fulfill this year is to boost my orchids collection. Currently, I only have few varieties and I'm hoping to add up more this year, especially now that my new canopy for my pocket garden has already been in place. I intend to hang some orchids there. I also like to fabricate an orchid pot holder to showcase my collection.

Maybe something like this.....

This photo was taken from Damsen Theme Park at Hoh Chi Min City during our last visit there last May. Don't you find it lovely?

But, I would admit that my knowledge when it comes to orchids and it's propagation is very limited. That's why I would like to start by trying to familiarize myself with the known varieties. I also would like to learn the basics in growing orchids.

I'm happy to note that there are so many free resources online that would help me in going through with my plan. I just learned from that there are six elements essential to the orchid care program. Water, temperature, light, air movement, humidity and fertilizer. I find this website very helpful for beginners like me as it comes with all the information necessary to polish my skills if I'm really determined to be an orchid grower.

I'm really hoping that I could push through with this. Gardening is my hobby and I love plants so much. Maybe some will find me "mababaw" but I'm really a nature lover. I'm really happy whenever I look at some adorable plants and flowers.

Oh well.. I hope to fulfill this one simple wish very soon!

Good Luck to me!


  1. I love orchids! We do have a couple at home. But admittedly, it's my husband who's more into it than I =)

  2. Hi Josiet! Nice to see u back here! Your husband must be a nature lover, too. Glad he is. Mostly, it's women who loves gardening so much... :) Thanks for the visit!


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