Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Need A Break!

Sayings are really true...."If you start your week with a blue, you'll end up feeling it the rest of the week"...

Well....I'm having it now! The start of my week was not right and it progresses more...I'm full of stress now, can't collect back my good mood. Don't know until when it would last. I'm bored and feeling unhappy! But, it's okay. I used to exprience this every now and then. I'm sure I'll get over it in due time.

Meanwhile...I have to look for something that will beat up my stress, maybe a relaxing body massage or probably, picking a good movie from my DVD collection?

OMG! I need a break!


  1. baka you are working so hard kaya ka stressed out, give yourself a break a movie or pamper yourself - massage or mani-pedi, ginagawa ko rin ito eh hahaha

  2. hoping that you can cope up the soonest! you can make it!

  3. Hi Reese! Thanks for your usual comments...Yeah...I think I should go for a massage. :)

  4. Hi Rovie! Thanks for the kind words....and for visiting here....


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