Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Home Make Over!

We're doing a home make over! It actually started this month of Agust and this is probably one of the reasons why I'm stressed out! (lol). Of course, my pocket will soon be crying so I better plan my budget now. We're into renovating two houses now and though it's not really a major renovation project, I could still feel the pains in the pocket... :) You see, construction materials now are getting higher and so is the labor cost. For my first house, I've got no choice, repair needs to be done. After all, it was not maintained for years now. The roof of the house is getting weak due to the onset of typhoons one after the other. Since this house generates income for me monthly, as this is being rented out, it's about time to do some minor renovation works.

The case is different for my second house where the family currently stays. It's well maintained and well taken care of but the "make over" was the kids idea. They wanted to give the house a different look. Since, I'm maintaining a home blog, they normally checks it for some home decorating ideas. They wanted to achieve a modern look. Something chic and cool! My son sent me the above photo through email courtesy of He likes an orange themed living room and this picture inspired him (lol)!

I'm actually half hearted with the "make over". I'm thinking of the "unplanned expenses" but on the back of my mind, I'm also excited to see the outcome. Well, whatever it is, I hope it's for the better. Probably this will be included in my list of accomplished goals for this year.....

Happy Friday!


  1. galing ako sa kabila mong blog

  2. Hi Reese! Thanks dear. I do appreciate ur visit. Have a nice day! :)


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