Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hair Care

Bought this conditioner at the Duty Free Shop during my last visit there. I felt curious to try this one after reading the description. It says, it's good for extra dry, brittle or frizzy hair and specifically meant for chemically relaxed hair. It can also be used for colored hair. The fact that it deeply nourishes (well, that's according to the product description) I didn't think twice and immediately grabbed this one. I had my hair rebonded for almost a year now and as you know, rebonded hair needs extra attention and care. It needs to be moisturized always and must get regular trims. Extreme dryness has always been a problem for me that's why I always try various products to find something that really suits my hair. After buying this product and tried it on my hair, I get quite disappointed because I didn't get the results I expected. I don't want to say that it's not good, but perhaps, it doesn't suit my hair. The promise of smooth intense conditioning was not achieved (*sad*).

I wonder if anyone had tried this product and got positive results. If that's the case, then maybe it's true that it's not the brand of the product that counts. I guess, you really have to find something "hiyang" to your hair.

Well...Loreal is a good brand! I've been using other Loreal products especially for skin care but maybe this conditioner is not "hiyang" to my hair (lol)...

Sunsilk and Cream Silk conditioners suit me best....

I'm also using extra virgin olive oil to massage my scalp before bed time. It helps to give my hair extra moisture and it works well for me.'s end of the month, I was suddenly reminded to have my own personal hair and facial treatments. :)

See you then!


  1. i like l'oreal products...mahal lang kasi, kaya bihira makagamit hahaha; i also use sunsilk and creamsilk

  2. Yeah, it's mahal, hahaha. Anyway, both cream silk and sun silk works best for me. It's from these two hair products that I can feel the intense conditioning.(Lol)

  3. This sounds great as always the L'Oreal products have a good feedback of their products and hope to try this one for my hair.


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