Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feasting On Lanzones!

Finally, I can find the time to sit long hours infront of the computer to blog walk and read interesting articles from other bloggers. I also able to find time to update my "to do list", make budget plans, and review my researches and files saved on my laptop. Also able to read my favorite online magazines. In between these online works, I'm actually feasting on lanzones as I bought 1.5 kilo from a nearby store. It's so sweet and perhaps cheaper here now compared to Philippines. I actually bought it for $1.5 per kilo. In the Philippines, I think the season for lanzones is from September to November and I supposed only by that time that the price of lanzones will drop to until Php 60 per kilo. I'm not sure but maybe for now, you can't find much lanzones in the Philippine markets and if you do, I bet it's still expensive. Lucky me! I can feast on lanzones at this early. Quite lucky enough coz I can take advantage of the fact that I do stay near to the boarder separating Cambodia and Vietnam so I can actually get the best from both worlds (lol)....

Fruits in Vietnam are quite cheap! The fruits that are being sold here in my place actually came from Vietnam. Vietnamese vendors usually come near to our place early morning and in the afternoon to sell their food products. So, I'm able to eat fruits everyday. I make sure that I always have fruits in my fridge. I actually wanted this way as I'm aware that getting daily serving of fruits will do much for my health. The fruit stands are just few blocks away from where I stay so I don't need to pay for transportation and I can get the fruits at a cheaper price. So...I don't have any reason to miss eating fruits. :)

Lanzones contains vitamins C and E and is a good source of anti oxidants. Lanzones scientific name is Lansium Domesticum, it is called kompem reach in Khmer (Cambodian Language). Whenever I buy this fruit, I just point to the fruit itself as the seller never refer to it as lanzones (lol)...

This is only one of the so many fruits that I like. It's delicious and nutritious.

Lucky me!! :)



  1. Yummmmmmmm! I love Lanzones! :)

  2. Haven't tasted lanzones for a long time. I really love the smaller ones because most are sweet and seedless or the seeds are negligibly small.


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