Monday, August 1, 2011

Cyberzone Tech Sale!

Oh well...I guess I've been missing a lot in the Philippines including this Cyberzone Tech Sale. They are having this big sale on the coolest gadgets of your favorite brands, and if you are a BDO Credit Card Holder, you can avail of the "Buy Now Pay Later" on installment at absolutely zero interest. They will bill you 2 months later after the date of purchase. Cool! :)

This promo is on until August 15, 2011.
They have branches on SM City North Edsa and SM South Mall.

Well... I actually wanted to replace my outdated cell phone which is no longer serving me well now. I'm not in the Philippines though, so I cannot avail of this promo! (lol)

But for those who are in the Philippines now, particularly those who are in Metro Manila, maybe you can go and check their stores. Who knows? Maybe you can pick a cool gadget of your choice at a much lesser price.

Just sharing!


  1. first here and i like your entries...=)

  2. Hi Cookie!

    Thank you so much for visiting my site and thank you for your kind compliments. I appreciate it!Hope to see u here again sometime soon. :)


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