Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cho Ben Thanh At Hoh Chi Minh City

Ben Thanh Market is said to be one of the most interesting places at Hoh Chi Min City. Here, you can find almost all Vietnam souvenir items. Linens and paintings are the best buys at Ben Thanh Market and as for the food products, Vietnam coffee and herbal teas have always been the best seller.

You can also find a lot of good priced products inside the market ranging from clothes, shirts, caps, pants, accessories, bags and shoes. Basically, everything is available here but you must prepare to haggle if you want to go home bringing a lot of good stuff with you. Some sellers are hard bargainer, although there are some who would always agree to give you the lowest possible price. There are some stalls marked fixed price and these are said to be government stalls. Here all the goods are marked with it's fixed price so if you are not the type who likes to haggle, you better go straight to these shops. Actually, I always get my idea of the ideal price for a certain good from these stalls so I would know how to bargain on other stalls. Not all goods are of best quality but some are good buys. The idea is you must know how to see a good one. I've already bought a lot of stuff there and fortunately, none of those I have chosen disappoints me. These remained to be in good condition until now. So you must have an eye for a good product. I always see a lot of Filipinos going there to shop for goods and some of them owned shops in the Philippines.

A lot of food stalls are also available inside the market where you can find a variety of Vietnam foods. The place is clean, so it would always be a good experience to try some of their foods.

Although Cho Ben Thanh might not be the best in Asia, it is still worth a visit especially for those who love to shop and collect some souvenir items.


  1. We checked it out when we were in Saigon more than a year ago. They did not have "fixed price" sign yet. So bargained hard =)

    But my cousin who went there just this month told me that there are stalls with fixed price sign already.

  2. Hi Josiet! The stalls with "fixed price" sign are those located near to the main entrance and the sellers are wearing blue uniforms. It's better to buy from them as they offer the lowest possible price without having to haggle anymore. :)


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