Saturday, August 27, 2011

Can You Laugh At The Days To Come?

One of the leisure activities that I'm usually engage with apart from watching DVD's, internet surfing, blogging and cooking is reading books and magazines. I would normally read a little before I go to sleep. To be honest, this is my way to fall asleep easily (lol).

While I'm reading this book of Pastor Ed Lapiz, I was caught by this particular topic which I would like to share with you, "Can You Laugh At The Days To Come?" Well, this interests me as I immediately asked myself this question. "Can I Laugh At The Days To Come?" Well, this has something to do with how we utilized our time during the younger days when we still have the opportunity to work, earn and save for the future. According to Pastor Lapiz, "Our resources are limited, they have to be saved." What does this mean? It's simple, every stage of life must be enjoyed and that includes "old age". Some people tend to relax during the time that they are strong and capable of earning quite big. They enjoyed their life to the fullest but failed to save for the future. Later in life, they will realize that their "good days" are over and they are now going to face the "retirement stage" and this is the time when worries and fears never stop. Old age could be enjoyed in the same manner when you were still young but only if you are able to prepare for it. It's nice to know that after we've finished with all our obligations with our family, we can have all the time for ourselves...relaxing, enjoying, doing the things we liked most and living our life to the fullest without fear and worry. Probably, this is an eye opener to those who are currently earning quite good to set aside a little something for the future. For working parents, like us, we should not only be mindful about the future of our children but our own future, as well. We do not know what is in store for our children later on in their lives, while some may support their parents, it is still best to save for ourselves. Only then we could have that feeling of security. If there's a way to do it now while children are still young, then by all means. If we are still capable of working even when we had enough, then go for it.

According to Proverbs 31:25, "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come".

Reflecting on this, I think it's really a good thing to prepare for for our future, as well. Sometimes, we are so preoccupied preparing for the future of our children to the point that we are already neglecting ourselves. They key? Save and invest! Get an insurance or a retirement plan, invest on something which we could rely on later in life, make a long term planning, get a health insurance and all those stuff. Only this way we can be assured of a safe and secured future when we get to the final stage of our lives. This is a good and timely reminder for all of us.

Follow the ants, save for the rainy days!

Happy week end!

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