Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bring Back The Basket!

Would just like to share here one story that I read from one of my favorite books, Why Worry?. The title of the story is, "Bring Back the Basket".

Here's how the story goes.....

Once there was a young couple who lived with the husband's father. This old man was very troublesome as he was always bad tempered and never stopped complaining. Finally, the couple decided to get rid of him. The man put his father in a large basket which he slung over his shoulder. As he was preparing to leave the house, the man's son, a little boy aged 10, asked, "Father, where are you taking grandfather?" The man explained that he was going to leave him for a while out in the mountains to fend for himself. The boy kept silent as he watched his father walking away and suddenly shouted, "Father, don't forget to bring the basket back!" Surprised, the man stopped and asked the boy why? The boy replied, "Well, I'll need the basket to carry you away when you are old yourself". The man then quickly brought his father back to the house and ever since took care of him well and attended to all his father's needs.

They say, it is by example that children learn and remember first. This story is a good reminder to us that we shouldn't neglect taking care of our old parents as this is a good example that we can pass to our children. When they grew up, they will do the same to us.

While we are busy taking care of our small children, we should also remember to look after our parent. Their needs not only for material things but most of all, the affection, care and love are very vital for them to face their old days. I also feel guilty every time I get annoyed with my Mom when she is getting "masungit" and unreasonable sometimes. Well...probably it's normal coz sometimes, our busy world cannot get the pressure. However, I feel confident that I am able to give her all what she needs to have a comfortable life. I also trained my children to look after their grandma with much care and love and I succeed on this thing.

It's a happy feeling to know that your hard work and sacrifices paid off by being able to deliver the needs of your family. Giving them a happy and comfortable life and knowing that they are always in a safe and healthy environment is enough reason for you to smile in the midst of a busy day that is full of stress and pressures from your work and environment.

That would always be the consolation....and in my case, I'm happy to note that I'm able to fulfill my obligation both as a parent and as a daughter with much ease.

It's priceless!


  1. like the story...
    i love my parents so much and if i ever have my own family i will still take care my parents

  2. Wonderful story that teaches the value of living by example for our children to follow. And indeed it is true that what we do to our parents is probably the measure of what our children will do to us when we get old. So, it is quite important to remember to live by the Golden Rule.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Hi Reese! Glad to know that you do! You are correct, getting married and having a family of our own is not enough reason to neglect our obligations to our parents. Some parents are financially well off but on top of this, what they need is a genuine love and concern from their children. Have a Blessed Day! :)

  4. Hello Chin Chin! Yeah, you're definitely right! In the end, "The Golden Rule" still prevails. What we do earlier in life is what we are going to reap on our later days on earth".

    Thanks for the visit! I'm truly happy with it! :0


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