Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amazing Sculptures At Suoi Tien! (Part Two)

Until now, I still can't get over with the amazing views and wonderful work of arts that we saw at Suoi Tien Theme Park. Browsing at our numerous pics from my photo archive, I couldn't help but sigh!

The sculptures were symbols of how much the Vietnamese people embraced their history and culture.

This made the Suoi Tien Theme Park one of the world's strangest theme parks. The place is filled with godlike statues making it a Buddhist heaven.

I think everything in this theme park is big, bright and colorful but opposed to the colorful Disney characters that are common to most theme parks. The bright sculptures of lions, phoenix, dragons and turtles aimed to showcase the spiritual imagery of the Vietnamese people.

For some, this might proved to be a little bit boring but for those who love to appreciate culture and arts, it's a one good place to understand one's culture and way of life....These wonderful sculptures which I supposed cost millions of dollars are still worth visiting. Will always treasure those memories of our lovely visit to Suoi Tien :)


  1. Those are wonderful pics. I wish I could go visit Vietnam someday :)

  2. Hi Pepperific Life! Thanks. Yeah, you should try to visit Vietnam. It's a wonderful place with so many interesting spots to visit and a culture which is uniquely it's own. :)

    Thanks for the visit!

  3. hi krizza!i'm so raring to visit vietnam!!!thanks for the virtual tour!

  4. Hi Kaye! You're welcome! Hope you can come to visit Vietnam soon :)


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