Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Kind Of Mother Is Casey Anthony?

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Who is Casey Anthony? I was hooked into following the much celebrated case of Casey Anthony since I'm always tuned up to CNN everyday.

Casey Anthony was the 25 yrs old mother accused on the murder of a 2 yrs old Caylee Anthony who happens to be her own daughter. I was able to watch few episodes of her trial aired through CNN. At first, I was not really focusing my attention to this, until the time that I was watching one of the episodes and heard that the reason for the murder was Casey Anthony's desire for a free life. Where on earth could you find a mother who will kill her own daughter just to be free from any obligations whatsoever. Sounds strange, huh?

Oh well...too many stories were left untold, too many speculations were made, but the verdict of the jury created a shock to many....yes, Casey Anthony was acquitted from the murder case. Varied reactions were made by the raging public, but the jury has only one thing to say, "There is no enough evidence to prove the allegations". The findings presented by the prosecution during the course of the investigations establishing that Casey Anthony is a person of "bad character" and a "persistent liar" were not enough to get the jury's approval. One of the jurors commented during an interview that a person's "bad character" cannot be used as a sole basis that a person is capable of doing a murder. She added, that they themselves were not happy with their decision but they cannot simply decide on a case with the absence of solid evidence.

Oh well...this case really sounds interesting. I cannot imagine that while most of the mothers are willing to give their life for their children, there are still some who can cause the death of their own children.

If you want to learn more about this case, you can go to this link.

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