Monday, July 25, 2011

Thit Heo - Cotton Meat

Are you familiar with cotton meat? I guess you can avail of this from selected super markets or Duty Free shops. But, I only get to know about this one when I came here at Cambodia and when I begin buying my groceries here at the Vietnam Duty Free shop located at the Cambodia-Vietnam boarder. At first, I was curious when I saw this product on display at the food section of the supermarket. Out of curiosity, I bought a pack. When I get back to my place, I asked one local staff on what is this and how it should be eaten. Then she said, this is actually a cotton meat. This was made by boiling, drying and turning the chicken or pork meat into small flakes and seasoned with some ingredients to give it a quite salty taste. This can be taken together with rice or bread. I actually love it! I use to put in the bread as a filling or sometimes, when I feel lazy to cook, I eat it with steamed rice.

This is the exciting part of staying in another country. You get to try new things and on the process, you are learning.....:)

Just sharing!


  1. look like it same as chicken/pork floss...first had it sa pinas, sa breadtalk, they are using it in one of their bread...nilalagay sa ibabaw and its really delicious, one of their best seller, i think! have a great week. :)

  2. Hi Cheerful. Glad to see u here again! Yes...after long time. :)

    I think they have this bread being sold at Penh, the long one? Have u tried it? It's my favorite! They put this cotton meat inside as a filling and I love it!


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