Friday, July 15, 2011

Surviving A Horrible Day!

I can't figure out exactly how I suffered from my migraine attack. It was a horrible day indeed. I was on bed the whole day, rolling, crying, praying. I can't eat anything, I just tried to eat a little bit as I am really getting very weak. I am vomiting and my stomach was continually upset. Well.. I haven't experience this anymore for years that's why the severity of the pain I had had caught me helpless. Today, I recovered a bit after long long hours of sleep. Actually this kind of sickness really requires a complete bed rest. I literally slept the whole day coz the only moment that I can be freed from the severe pain was when I'm sleeping. But my growling stomach made me awake as it's really empty. I tried my best to eat. I started with fruits as my stomach doesn't want to accept anything. Then I gradually increase my intake to a plain porridge. I just alternate it with fruits. Only this morning that I'm able to take rice but only a small portion. Maybe, I can continue to increase my food intake within the day. Because of this, I was forced to take an off from work. Oh well..after sharing my experience in this post, I don't want to recall again how my day went through. It was really horrible! I felt like want to bang my head against the wall because of too much pain. I hope and pray not to get the same experience again....

Anyway, in case anyone of you do, here are some pointers on how to deal with pain: A cold compress at the back of your neck and on your forehead helps, taking shower somehow reduces the pain, too. Have someone else massage your head and forehead, you can do it by yourself too, in case you're alone. Drink a hot herbal tea. Take some light foods and take some pain relievers like Dolfenal or Advil. The most important thing is take a complete bed rest. Sleep as long as you can. When you wake up, the pain will definitely be reduced. Eating fruits and taking fruit juices also help. Avoid bright lights. If possible make your room dark.

Now...I'm just completing my rest. I want to get fully recovered before I go back to work.

Have a happy week end!


  1. it's nice to hear that you are feeling ok na...i don't suffer from migraine, pero if i am not feeling well i just take a rest, drink plenty of water and fruits... hindi ako umiinom ng gamot eh...takot ako hahaha

  2. Hi Reese! Thank u so much! It's nice that u never had a migraine. It's one thing that's really unbearable.

    Thanks for the visit! :)


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