Sunday, July 10, 2011

Remembering Betty Ford

One of the recent news that invaded the media was the death of the former first lady of the late US President Gerald Ford. Betty Ford has been known to be an important political figure in the history of US as she was known to have touched the lives of many through her endearing love and concern for those who, like her, had been a victim of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

It is not very easy for a known political figure to come out in the open and reveal her past as she will surely face criticisms from the public. You see, it has been a practice and perhaps, I would say that it is of "human nature" to have high expectations on a prominent figure as if this person is not liable to commit any sin whatsoever. In short, we expect public figures to be perfect where in fact, no one is.

But her choice of coming out in the open to reveal her past is a brave decision for Betty Ford. Her intentions are noble, her goals are admirable. She wanted to help the people to get away from addiction as she herself understands fully how this addiction can destroy a persons life.

She co founded an addiction center in California and has been very active in restoring lives of people. She was known to have a strong advocacy for women's rights and health.

Her life will be an inspiration to many and she will be remembered for her undying love and concern for people. I don't know much about her but hearing her stories form the news on TV made me look up to her as an important figure in the world history.

To the family and friends of Mrs. Betty Ford, she may be gone forever but her memories will always lingers on.

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