Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On Getting A House Helper!

Just wondering if other mommies out there are also making a set of "house rules" for their house helpers. I do! After being a full time working Mom for so many years, I've been into a lot of good and bad experiences employing and dealing with house helpers. Some were good, some not so good, some were bad, some not so bad (lol). I've been through a lot and I would say that I'm learning quite well from my past experiences.

Now, I'm replacing my current house helper because previously she's getting out of our agreed rules and the moment I reminded her, she simply replied, I'll just leave! This is how tough house maids are getting now. Sometimes, they want to do their way and when you call their attention for this, they will threaten to leave you most especially if they knew that the situation in your house can't afford losing a helper. After hearing this remarks from her, I just said, that's fine, if you've decided to leave, then I cannot do anything about it. Just give me sometime to look for a suitable replacement.

Was just fortunate that we're able to find a suitable one that soon. So our current one need not wait for another two weeks. This time, I'm going to write down my "house rules" and discuss with the newly hired helper. My "house rules" covers the salary and benefits due to her, scheduled day off per week, daily routine tasks, weekly tasks and some simple do's and dont's inside the house. Since, I'm working away from home, I will just let someone discuss these things on my behalf, let her understand and agree if she does. Any comments or suggestions must be done at this stage and once finalized, these set of rules must be followed. I know most of the house helpers will be reluctant doing this, but if you can have them signed the "house rules", the better. Just make sure these were explained to them carefully. It has also been my practice to ask for a simple bio data with the information on the personal particulars of the person with her photo. If she can provide the names and contact numbers of the previous employers, so much the better. You can use these for background checking.

This I only do when I'm doing a direct hire. If I get the house helper from the agency, this is another story cause they will already provide you with all these papers. I've experienced getting house maid from agencies but I don't find it a good option. Aside from charging you a hefty amount for the agency fees, you also don't have the guarantee that you are getting a reliable one. I still prefer hiring direct from friend's referrals or just posting ads online.

I just hope that this one will turn out to be a better one.

Just sharing!


  1. goodluck! mine just left last july 16, back to pinas! nagpagalitan ko minsan, sinabihan akong mag-usap kami at hanggang end of july na lang daw sya...tinakot ako, i'm bad, galit na ako, what you expect, i replied umalis ka na ngayon, hehehe, bad me right! feeling ko kasi ang galing manakot porke't alam na we really need her, kaso nde ako nasindak! hehehe! nag-alsa balutan, syempre hindi namin pinaalis kasi saan naman sya pupunta tsaka i'm not that bad naman...pinag-day-off then pagbalik aalis na lang daw sya...hayy, long story, got her earliest possible flight out of penh...gave her salary, paid her ticket kahit kulang pa one-year (agreed ticket back to pinas after one year), extra money, gave her the phone she's using, etc...she's big help naman talaga, but unfortunately napuno na ako! :) luckily we still have darah, nde nga lang stay-in, khmer but with kent for more than 16 years now...:)

  2. Hi Che! Glad you're back here! Ganyan talaga mga maids now, they tend to threaten their employers maybe because alam nila na mahirap maghanap ng maids now a days. Tipong ayaw ng nasisita at pag sinita mo, bibirahan ng paalam na aalis na lang. Hayysss...Getting a good one is really a blessing! :)

    Thanks for being here! :)


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