Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Reflection!

It's a beautiful morning and I'm back with my morning reflections. Got stunned with this quote that I've read from Quote Garden.

"The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss." By : ~Thomas Carlyle

Well...what does this mean? From my personal analysis, I would say that living in this world is a combination of joys and sorrows. We are experiencing various situations in life which made us smile, laugh, cry, regret, get angry, depressed, stressed and so on....

Looking closely, we may blame everything and anything for bringing us pains and sorrows but what this quote is trying to send us is the simple message that what we suffered is not the one that counts most but it's the thing that we failed to experience. On a lighter side, it only boils into one thing, that is, "Do not get scare to try doing things you haven't done. What should you consider instead is avoiding the regret of failing to do something that you really want." Remember the famous line, "it's better to have been in love and get hurt rather than never having been in love at all". In this life, we do get hurt, we do experience failures, but what we should remember is that, the more things we experienced, the more emotions we felt....the more we have tasted life. It's the same thing like, "how would you know that the food is delicious, if you have not tried eating a bad one?"

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Hi Krizza, I like this quote by Thomas Carlyle (: its very true- the explanation you have given.. Most of the time, people focus on the bad/good so much that they forget that it is only a passing phase and that there is a stronger lesson to be learnt from that experience be it negative or positive. Nice post! Happy Monday to you too (:


  2. Hi Xen! I'm glad that you liked the post and thank you for sharing your thoughts, too. Thanks for following me and have a nice day, too! :)

  3. My reflections for the quote:
    My context is on the Philippine society, majority of our kababayan suffers form poverty, hunger, unemployment…this is a tragedy, my heart breaks bakit may mga kababayan tayo that suffers...
    And it is not simply saying what they miss… walang opportunity eh...the government does nothing for the poor; the government does not create jobs for the 12M unemployed…

    About adgitize
    So far, all I can say is that Adgitize gives my blog loads of traffic, sa mga nababasa ko may kumikita rin sa Adgitize, may point system sila eh – 100 article points, 100 advertiser points, 10 publisher points ad views etc; this is my first month sa Adgitize my points ranges from 350 to 370, its around $0.40+ everyday; I paid $14 as an Advertiser and I got $11.42, ok na iyon di ba? habol ko naman traffic eh, I also decided to be an advertiser for my blog exposure and 51 blogs lang ang kailangan ko i-visit everyday

  4. Hi Reese! Well said...that's a good point!
    Thank you for the detailed info on adgitize. It helps!

    Have a great day!


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