Thursday, July 14, 2011

Migraine Attack

Oh well...the day that's supposedly a busy day for me since I plan to do a lot of things today turned out to be a horrible day! :(

Late morning, I was attacked by a severe migraine. I was left with no choice but to stay on bed almost the whole day. I cannot even cook my own food. Just relied on what was available in my ref. This is the negative side of working away from home. You have to do a one man show all the time. I just missed being home especially when I'm sick. But...since I'm here, I must face my situation. I was never attacked by severe migraine for few years now that's why I was surprised getting it again now. It's quite hard coz it's really very painful. I just took a pain reliever which I never go without after taking some hot soup and just took a bed rest. I have to massage my head myself with my favorite balm until I get to sleep.

After a couple of hours sleeping, I felt a bit better but not a hundred per cent better same like what I'm hoping for as I still need to work today...actually tonight. I just have to finish my hot cup of Chinese Tea and hoping to be able to take a nap again. I took my second pain reliever already. Hope things will get better in a short while. Actually I'm quite familiar on how to treat myself when I'm having a migraine. I've got this for years now. This just requires a good rest, some pain relievers and just make sure I have eaten something before taking the meds. I massage my scalp and forehead with balm and then try to sleep.

Hope things will get better later.....



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