Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy With Blogging!

I couldn't believe it, I'm now on my 10th month in the blogosphere! I remembered to have started blogging since October of last year and from then, I would say that I was really hooked into it. I'm happy with blogging and this occupies much of my free time when I don't have work. The only difference is that, as compared to most bloggers, I am working full time, thus I can't give this a full concentration although I was trying my best to run it the best way that I could. I think "time management" is the key.

Looking back, I started to have interest in blogging when I stumbled upon the blog of one Filipina blogging in Phnom Penh. I guess her name is Lui. I was hooked into reading most of her posts and was entertained. I remembered posting a comment on her blog and sending her an email before to get pointers on how to start with my own blog and I was glad that she is willing to answer few of my questions. Since then, I discovered that there is a good way to share my thoughts and feelings as well as my life's experiences and that is through blogging. Here you can have an interaction with other bloggers and learned from their life experiences, as well.

As compared to before, I feel that I'm more occupied now and as a result, I have lesser time for worries and home sickness. Yup, I've found a good outlet in blogging. I was never as bored as before :). Because of this, I've started with my 2nd blog last April and I titled it "Home sweet Home". I love beautifying my humble home. I love gardening and other home related stuff so I thought of having a venue to interact with other people of the same interest. Besides, I just thought of having this as a personal record of my efforts to build a "better home".

Well..for now, I would say that I'm still at far compared to others who have been blogging for years now but I'm certain that in due time, I could also achieve the status of being a "well experienced blogger" and gain more friends online. I think, hard work and patience is the key and I'm sure I will get into where I want in due time. :)

Happy week end everyone! :)


  1. congrats! sana blog ko umabot din ng ganyan hahaha

  2. Hi Reese! Thanks for visiting! Oo naman... Mas pa! Hihihi...

  3. Hi Krizza : ) Teecup here. I tried to comment on your latest post, but the comment box would not let me. I'm glad this one appears to be working.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say congratulations for keeping the fire alive, and may you find blogging an even more enjoyable activity.

    Happy adgitizing, and thanks for visiting my blog over the weekend. :)

  4. Hi Teecup! Thank you for your kind words,I truly appreciate your visit. Was very pleased to have you here. :)


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