Monday, July 18, 2011

Cambodia's Canadia Bank

Just came from a quick visit to Canadia Bank branch here in my place to avail of their "Money Gram" service facility. It's actually my 3rd time with Canadia Bank as I was using Western Union before for money transfers. I'm happy with the transfer rates that Canadia Bank is offering for "Money Gram" transactions. It's really a lot of savings if I will compare it to the previous charges applied by Western Union. Because of the current rates offered by Canadia Bank, Western Union was forced to revise their transfer charges. They have to compete with Canadia Bank or else they will lose most of their Filipino clients.

I'm also satisfied with the service, it's fast and reliable. Employees are courteous and well versed with their jobs and I did not encounter communication problems which I always experienced before.

They have standard rates applied for money transfers to the Philippines. But I tried to inquire if I can make split transactions to take advantage of the cheaper rates and I was allowed. I'm supposed to pay around $80 for one transaction with the amount that I transferred. But because, I split the transaction into two, I was only charged $45. So, I was able to save $35 in total. Not bad, huh?

This would be better rather than my initial plan of making a single transaction with Canadia and another single transaction at Western Union. Luckily that I asked the bank employee of my options. :)

I am considering to open an account with them and see how it works to my advantage. I also able to read a pamphlet while I'm waiting for my transaction to be completed and they are tied up with some establishments, mostly in Phnom Penh and other major towns in Cambodia and if you have an account with Canadia Bank, you will be entitled to some great discounts from all the member establishments. Sounds great! :)

Have a Happy Tuesday everyone!

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