Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy Streets of Saigon!

One thing that fascinates me in Saigon is the huge number of motorbikes that can be found on the road, side streets, parking area....everywhere!'s quite shocking for me to see that motorbikes outnumbered the cars, taxis and other form of public and private vehicles on the road. Philippines do have motorbikes on the road, but it can not be compared to Vietnam. I guess, nearly half of the population in Saigon have their own private motorcycles. This explains clearly why you can always find a great number of shops selling helmets. But I noticed that their helmets are concentrated more on fashion rather than it's safety features, and it comes on a cheap price, too. Do you know that it has always been a struggle for me to cross the street when I'm in Hoh Cih Min City? Really, I always get the scare of my life every time I'm on the road. Some motorbike drivers are careless and not following the road safety rules. If you will wait for them to stop and allow you to cross the street freely, then perhaps you will end up waiting the whole day! This is no exaggeration. That is how the busy streets in Saigon is. Sometimes, I'm waiting for some locals to cross the street and I go with them. They know the technique and I just follow them. :)

There are times, even you are already walking on the pedestrian lane, some motorbike drivers will still find their way to squeeze themselves there especially when it's traffic and they are in a hurry. Really, no discipline at all! If you are not alert, you may end up getting some minor accidents on the street. You have to be always on look out and alert when walking and crossing the streets. So, if you intend to visit Saigon, bear these things in mind.

But overall, it's just a matter of getting used to it. You just have to follow the necessary precautionary measures and everything will be fine, though. My two kids also were able to survive their short vacation here last summer and they just loved Saigon!

In fairness, it's nice to have a stroll on the busy streets of Saigon. You can see a lot of interesting buildings .....

They have so many parks and interesting places to visit and this will just keep you coming back for more. :)

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